Why National Accounts

National Accounts is the matching of a company's purchasing needs with national suppliers of goods and services. One way to save money is through bulk purchasing. The larger an owner/management company, the stronger their purchasing power from a national supplier willing to offer greater values because of increased business.

How Does it Work

Supply Network establishes a virtual in-house national accounts department for clients to establish company protocol. Supply Network creates the second opportunity to save money by establishing the three (3) components necessary for a successful program. Supply Network, as the client's in-house staff will standardize the buying needs of their properties, (eliminating the possibility of purchasing expensive...

The Value

- There is no cost to your company for the service

- Expense savings average between 5% to 45% depending on category and amount of purchases

- Improved Communications - now there is open, honest and clear between properties and suppliers to ensure smooth relationships

Join the Network today, increase your efficiencies, and start saving
Property and Casualty Insurance
Insurance Adjusting
Office Supplies
Make Ready Services
Electricity MRO Waste Services Plumbing
Floor Covering Appliances Uniforms Electrical
HVAC mechanical Janitoral Services Window Coverings  
Supply Network is a national company headquartered in Houston, TX.
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